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360° 4-quadrant design

The genesis of the Zyntony Torch design was the need for bright, but not harsh, area lighting for outdoor use. We believe that the best way to light something is to point a light source at it. There are four different zones that each cover 90° of the circle. Each zone or quadrant has 5 high-quality CREE LEDs. The four quadrants of light allow us to create 90, 180, 270 or 360 degrees of coverage while the five elements allow for even dispersion in each of the quadrants. The custom-designed lenses ensure that the light is efficiently shaped into a smooth coverage pattern while avoiding harsh “hot spots.”  The individual control of each of the quadrants gives the Torch unmatched versatility.

Monolithic heat sink & primary reflector

Naturally lights create a lot of heat. We have spent a lot of time and energy making sure that heat is dispersed so that it does not heat up the rest of the torch. Using an alloy of tempered aluminum that is based on silicon and magnesium yields high strength, high thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance. By adding a slight amount of copper, we enhance those properties and also get a resultant alloy with reflectivity that rivals silver. Completing the heat sink/reflector with a special prep and finishing process creates a surface that will resist corrosion for centuries.

Premium LEDs

We selected the highest performing white LEDs available to produce the highest level of soft, warm light while using the least amount of energy from the battery. These silicon carbide-based LEDs deliver high flux, efficacy, and efficiency with an incredible life span.


The LEDs in the Zyntony Torch have an expected life at full brightness of over 60,000 hours.  This is equivalent to leaving the light on 24/7 for seven years. Under normal portable use it will last for generations.

Navigation buttons

The center button turns the Torch on and off. Hold to access emergency modes. The up/down buttons adjust brightness while the left/right buttons cycle through the various operation modes of the Torch. The number of modes and specific operation of each these modes is programmable through the Zyntony Torch Bluetooth app.