Zyntony defined

zyn•to•ny  \ 'zin-tǝ-nē \  n  (2014) 1 : a system or technology that is in natural harmony with the environment 2 a : the state of being normally responsive to and in harmony with the environment — compare SYNTONY, RESONANCE   b : the state or condition of being syntonic [LL syntonos, fr. Gk, fr. syn- + tonos tone]

Company principles

At Zyntony we believe in guiding principles that influence everything we do. These principles ensure we make products that customers love and will continue using for a lifetime.

Purposeful design

Products should be well-designed and thought out. We design and engineer every product we make so that it is beautiful, organized, and easy to use, inside and out.


Most products are designed and built to be used for a couple years and then thrown away. Our products are built to last a lifetime or more. We want to build products that you pass on to your kids.

Environmentally Friendly

At Zyntony we want to impact the environment in positive ways. We not only build products that last, but products that support the use of sustainable energy.