See what people are saying about Zyntony Ra!

“ of the best multi-purpose lighting systems we’ve seen in a long time”.
— Wayne Anthony: London Street-Art Design
“StrapLights™ are the new big thing”.
— Amy Jurries: The Gear Caster
“Cranks out big lumens... illuminate your adventures like nothing before”.
— Sean McCoy: Gear Junkie
“Ra provides the wearable convenience of a headlamp, with multiple times the output”.
— Stanley Goodner: gizmag
“StrapLights™...outshine headlamps”.
— Chloe Olewitz: Digital Trends

Super Bright

Its not about how bright a light looks, but how bright the light can make other things look. Check out Ra lighting up the base of the Stairway to Heaven ice climbing area up Provo Canyon. The area is just east of Robert Redford's resort, Sundance. Brandon was wearing two ZyntonyRa mounted to the shoulder straps of his gear pack. 


Ra's FIVE light modules are mounted to a flex circuit sandwiched between strips of stainless spring steel. This provides STRENGTH, DURABILITY and FLEXIBILITY allowing Ra to conform to a variety of contours. Ra is ideal for mounting to back pack shoulder straps, a belt, a jacket, ski pants or numerous other items.

Rare-Earth Magnets

Ra has ten powerful rare-earth magnets built in to allow quick attachment to most ferrous (metal containing iron) objects. Magnets made with the rare-earth element Neodymium are known for being light weight and having very strong magnetic fields. All you really need to know is that Ra stays where you put it. 

Magnetic Backer Strip

The optional MagBak magnetic backer strip has rare-earth magnets in corresponding position and opposite polarity to the magnets built into Ra. This makes it easy to securely fasten Ra to clothing or non-ferrous objects. The magnets are sandwiched in polycarbonate, a tough and durable polymer that remains flexible at low temperatures. 

D-Ring Strap

The optional D-ring strap uses multiple hook and loop strips to firmly fasten Ra to double-layer nylon webbing for clipping or harnessing in a wide variety of applications.