Ra Shines Brightly on Kickstarter Shattering its Crowdfunding Goal by More Than 10-Times, Raising Over $150,000, and Counting


Zyntony Ra, the world's first StrapLight™, has reached over 1350 backers with its one-of-a-kind addition to the outdoor adventure lighting category. Ra lights up the night like never before.


SALT LAKE CITY, UT - February 23, 2016 – Zyntony, a manufacturer of world-class outdoor adventure products, has stolen the spotlight once again with another high-tech hit for outdoor enthusiasts and for everyone who needs lighting for safety and adventure.

Since launching on Kickstarter, Ra, the world’s first StrapLight™, has raised more than ten-times its goal, with over $150,000 and counting with 24 days left in its crowdfunding campaign.

Designed to light up the entire area around the user, instead of just a small spot in front of them,

ZyntonyRa is an innovative light for outdoor adventurists. It lights up the night with 800 lumens of warm natural light and users can attach a pair of Ra’s to the shoulder straps of a backpack for 1600 lumens of light - creating a zone of daylight. 

Ra is ideal for night joggers, walkers and parents whose children walk to school early in the morning.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration approximately 10,000 children 14-and-under are injured annually as pedestrians, 76% of injuries occur in non-daylight hours.  Ra can help to reduce the risk with StrapLights™ attached to a child's backpack.

“This is brighter than ten headlamps,” said Zyntony CEO Rob Urry. “We named the light Ra after the Egyptian god who carries the sun across the sky, because carrying one of these lights is like carrying a piece of the sun with you.”

Just 4 weeks into its Kickstarter campaign, ZyntonyRa has raised over $150,000 from over 1350 backers from around the world, who are ready to have their nights lit up by Ra.

With multiple mounting options, Ra can be attached to almost anything. The user can fix it to any ferrous (metal containing iron) object using the built in rare earth magnets. Ra can be attached to nearly any article of clothing using the accompanying magnetic backer strip. Using the D-ring strap and simple hook and loop ties, Ra can be fastened to virtually any piece of gear.

Ra is powered via its micro-USB input. Zyntony makes four different sizes of battery packs allowing the flexibility to carry as much power as needed.

Additional features include:

·         Waterproof

·         High efficiency LEDs maximize run time

·         Individual beam patterns to optimize spread and throw

·         Flexible spring steel frame conforms to a variety of contours

·         Over five times brighter than an average headlamp

·         Designed to work with Zyntony BatPaks (high energy density power battery packs)

ZyntonyRa start at only $58 on Kickstarter. For more information, and to pre-order ZyntonyRa visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zyntony/ra-worlds-first-strap-light


About Zyntony, Inc. 

Zyntony, Inc. is a technology company innovating the way we use sustainable energy in our homes and in the great outdoors. The company specializes in products that enhance your outdoor adventures. The Zyntony team is comprised of a seasoned group of high-tech industry veterans with combined product development, marketing and sales experience of over 150 years. The team collectively holds more than 40 U.S. Patents and have designed, managed, and put into production more than 400 products in high-tech industries. Light up the world with ZyntonyRa.


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